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By Stephanie Rutledge

Golden Pattern

Hello, and Welcome to Darling Bakes

Located in Saint Louis, Missouri. I create custom cakes, cookies and pops for those special occasions that require celebratory sweets.  I am a home based bakery offering delightful bakes with a passion for detail.

Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Cake, it can be the centerpiece to any celebration. Cakes are made from scratch and the design is customized to your celebration.  Inspiration can come from an invite, color palette or even a favorite t-shirt. I cherish each opportunity to add something sweet and become a part of your traditions.


Cookies can easily be personalized for any occasion.  They make wonderful favors, and thoughtful gifts.  These darling little bakes are decorated with royal icing creating the perfect canvas for customization.


Cakepops! Fun little few-bite cake truffles covered in chocolate. These make the perfect party snack.  And can get dolled up bagged and bowed for favors.  Cake pops are generally round on lollipop sticks.  Cakesicles are larger and limited to shape, but not design, on popsicle sticks.

Golden Pattern

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