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Cake flavors, fillings, and buttercream





All of the darling bakes are iced in Swiss Meringue buttercream. The silkiest, tastiest buttercream  is made with simple ingredients. Egg whites, sugar, butter and vanilla whipped up into magic.  This will not leave a waxy feeling on your pallet like frosting made with shortening can do.  It is light and dreamy.

Cake Flavors

Each darling bake is made from scratch.  All cakes are comprised of three layers of cake with two layers of filling.  Double barrel cakes (tall) will have five layers of cake with four layers of filling.​

  • vanilla

  • chocolate

  • almond

  • confetti

  • red velvet

  • marble

  • banana

You can always request a special flavor and I will do my best to accommodate.  

Baking Ingredients
Chocolate Mix


Fillings are fresh and flavorful.  They are made using whole food ingredients.  Meaning, to make the caramel filling there is actual caramel added rather than an extract or artificial flavor.

  • vanilla buttercream

  • chocolate buttercream

  • strawberry

  • raspberry

  • caramel

  • peanut butter

  • cookies & cream

  • cookie dough*

  • ganache* 

As with the cake flavors, if there is a filling flavor you crave that is not listed, send me a message.​

*additional cost per serving

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